In the movie “Kindergarten Cop” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character asks a group of kindergarteners about their father.  His ultimate goal was to try to figure out which kid was the son of a criminal.

As a person in marketing your job is to identify who your company and  your customer is and what do they need.  This isn’t always the easiest task.  You’ll need to understand your customer, their needs, how you can help, and who your competition is.

A few months back a customer reached out to me and wanted some information on tote bags, the price, and their sizes.  After providing several different sizes I asked why the size was so important.  This incredibly wise and experienced marketer informed me that her desire was for the bags of their competitors to fit inside her bag at a tradeshow.  What ways of promoting your brand can we help you with?  Are you thinking “outside the bag”?  We love helping people find new and unique ways of having their logo seen.  Make it an awesome day.


Ryan Quinn


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