4 Ways to NOT be a Motivation KILLER!!

Quite often when working for a large corporation, there are various levels of bureaucracy can be a motivation killer.  When employees start making dampening statements like “but that’s the way we’ve always done it”, you start to question what your company needs to do in order to change this mindset.  In order to change this perception, you first must understand the reasons why an employee(s) would make such statements.
What Happens if You Don’t Kill the Motivation Killer Mentality:
1.      Customer Loss: Having low motivation causes your company to lose business and potentially customers.  When your employees don’t feel like they are appreciated they will not go above and beyond to help the customer. When your employees don’t feel appreciated your customers also will fail to feel your appreciation.
2.      Loss of Empathy: The second reason is that your employees will fail to have empathy for the customer.  A prime example of this is when a friend of mine recently contacted her cable provider to find out why her internet was running so slow.  The customer service rep made it quite obvious that she didn’t care to help by using a scripted answer for a unique problem.  There was no apology for the inconvenience or letting my friend know that she understood her frustration.  When your employees have empathy it’s obvious they care about putting the customer first.
3.     Lack of Leadership:  Quality leaders drive a corporation to the next level.  If your leaders have the ability to encourage their employees to work harder than your company will continue to prosper.  A great leader in a company will then create even more quality leaders.  One of the measures of someone being a true leader that status doesn’t matter. The employees that operate at the bottom have the same valuable input as those at the top.  You’ll also know you have a great leader when all the employees on a team want to work hard for that person.  One of my favorite leaders was a director I had in IT sales.  He treated everyone the same and sought out and valued the opinion of the entire team.  Because of his direction and guidance, it became the best team I have ever worked on and with that, I worked harder for him than any other team.
4.      Salary: The last motivation killer is probably the most important.  We show up each morning and are present for 40 hours a week for one thing – a paycheck.  In order to motivate employees is by paying them what they are worth. An associate that feels they are paid a comparable salary to industry standards will undoubtedly help drive your business.     Be cognisant of your employee’s talents and ensure you have people in the right roles.  If both your customers and employees are happy they both will become very loyal.motivation2

The Top 3 Reasons to Treat your customers like Tony does!

The top 3 reasons to treat your customers like Tony does

               Each morning before I get to the office I stop at the Safeway store on Scottsdaleroad near Shea.  Each morning I go and get my bananas for breakfast and my salad for lunch.  Then when I go to check out I always look for Tony.  Tony is just one of those employees that is just sincerely nice and you can tell he loves working with people.  He is the reason that I go out of my way and sometimes am totally ok with paying a little bit more.  Every time you go Tony makes you feel welcomed and he provides a great customer experience.  The kindness that Tony exudes isn’t fake or forced- he is just a really genuinely great guy.  So I decided to make this blog dedicated to him and the other great employees of Safeway.

1.      Customer loyalty

Each day when I go to Safeway for my breakfast and lunch I am greeted and feel like my business is appreciated.  My very small amount of money isn’t exactly making Safeway a wealthy corporation.  But just imagine if each customer felt the way I did about my experience with Safeway.  Customer loyalty is my #1 reason why you should provide unparalleled customer service.  If each of your customers feels like they are your only customer you’re going to have a very high quality and high caliber corporation.  The value that you are presenting is more important than cost.

2.       A Happy Customer is your best marketing

Dan Tyre who works for Hubspot talks about the concept of sales + marketing (smarketing).  In the case of Safeway their happy employees such as Tony are both sales and marketing.  Tony will tell me about a deal that they have on something and many times I’ll return that evening to pick up that product.  Also I’m writing this blog at no cost to Safeway explaining my great experience shopping in their Scottsdale location.  What better marketing can there be?

3.      Customers know you care

Have you ever been to a store where it was quite obvious they didn’t care one bit about you buying from them?  What did you do in that case?  When you get excellent customer service as a consumer you will tell the people you know and they will then become loyal customers.  It’s like a positive chain of events. When the customers know that you sincerely care about them and their business they become loyal and happy.

Treat your customers like gold.  They are the reason you are in business.  I would like to say thank you to any of my customers who have bought promotional products through blackpantspromotions.com.  Please let me know what you would like to see in the next article.

My warmest Regards,

Ryan Quinn



Who is your Daddy and what does he do?

In the movie “Kindergarten Cop” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character asks a group of kindergarteners about their father.  His ultimate goal was to try to figure out which kid was the son of a criminal.

As a person in marketing your job is to identify who your company and  your customer is and what do they need.  This isn’t always the easiest task.  You’ll need to understand your customer, their needs, how you can help, and who your competition is.

A few months back a customer reached out to me and wanted some information on tote bags, the price, and their sizes.  After providing several different sizes I asked why the size was so important.  This incredibly wise and experienced marketer informed me that her desire was for the bags of their competitors to fit inside her bag at a tradeshow.  What ways of promoting your brand can we help you with?  Are you thinking “outside the bag”?  We love helping people find new and unique ways of having their logo seen.  Make it an awesome day.


Ryan Quinn